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7 months ago

7 Unexpected Superfoods You Need To Try Right Now

Walnuts are chock-full of heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and are the only good nut source of alpha linolenic acid (ALA), HuffPost Healthy Living earlier reported. That means they help promote blood flow, which in green superfoods buy turn allows for efficient delivery of oxygen to the brain. And research presented at the 2010 International Conference on Alzheimer's found that mice with the disease who were regularly fed walnuts had improved memory, learning athletic greens meal replacement and motor skill coordination, according to MyHealthNewsDaily.

10 months ago

6 healthy types of tea

Its the worlds most popular drink, next to waterand its steeped in health benefits. Here, what six top brews can do for you.

Black Tea

The scoop: Black tea is the most common variety and accounts for about 75 percent of global tea consumption. Like many of the teas here, its made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are typically rolled and fermented, then dried and crushed. Black tea has a slightly bitter flavor and contains the most caffeineabout 40 milligrams per cup. (A cup of coffee has 50 to 100.)

11 months ago

Choosing a diet you like may not improve weight loss | Reuters

(Reuters Health) Though many experts recommend choosing a diet plan that seems appealing, a small new study in the U.S. suggests the results are likely to be the same as being assigned a diet at random.

It definitely is counterintuitive to what a lot of people think, said lead author Dr. William S. Yancy Jr. of the Durham VA Medical Center in North Carolina.

Long term, the diet plans he studied were similarly effective, but it seemed like giving patients a choice might help them stick to the plan, he said.

But thats not the case, Yancy told Reuters Health. A

11 months ago

Turning greens into greenbacks; MASTERS A CASH BONANZA.

The weekly tickets are a snip at just pounds 70 each, but tomillions of golf fans they are more precious than gold dust.

It doesn't matter if you own more bullion than lies in the vaults in Fort Knox - if you're not on the US Masters ticket list, you can athletic greens reviews weight loss forget about going to Augusta.

And don't even think about athletic greens independent review trying to buy your way into a membership.


11 months ago

For National Nutrition Month, revamp your diet with the Peruvian superfoods

March is National Nutrition Month, making this the perfect moment to check in with your eating.

Believe it or not, there are still new discoveries being made in the world of nutrition its an exciting time to explore healthy and delicious foods you might not already know. Thats why Im using this opportunity to introduce the Peruvian Superfoods diet.

Peruvian superfoods, direct from the Andes and the Amazon, promise health benefits with a Latin American flair. Fortunately, these once-obscure foods are now available in mainstream American supermarkets.

The Peruvian diet has an extraordinary number of superfoods, enough to rival the widely-touted Mediterranean diet. Theres